Chit thu myar yae a see ayone

  • Type : Comedy
  • Director : Chit thu myar yae a see ayone
  • Actor : Lu Min
  • Actress : Chit Thu Wai
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Actor Info :

Lu Min

Lu Min is a four-time Myanmar Academy Award winning Burmese actor and director. He has served as the Chairman of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation from 2014 to 2017. Throughout his successful career, he acted in over 1000 films.He was born in Aungban in Shan State. In 2008, he and his wife, Khin Sabe Oo became one of the first couples in Myanmar to receive fertility treatment via intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Their daughter Ayeyarwady Lu Min was born later that year. In 2005, he produced and starred in the film Kyan Sit Min, base on the life story of the Pagan era's King Kyansittha, was the first in Burma to be shot on digital video format before being transferred to film, and perhaps the first Burmese movie in recent decades to score commercial success abroad.

Actress Info :

Chit Thu Wai

Chit Thu Wai (born 10 August 1984) is a Burmese actress, singer and medical doctor.She has achieved fame and success as an actress and singer. Chit attended to the United Nations General Assembly as a Hand-washing Ambassador from Myanmar In 2015, she represented Myanmar at the United Nations General Assembly as a Hand-washing Ambassador.She has initiated a hygiene awareness programs, promoting disease prevention through hand-washing with soap since 2006. A core supporter of the National League for Democracy, she actively participated in the election campaign in November, 2015. Chit was listed on The Myanmar Times's "Top 10 Actors" in 2019. Chit Thu Wai is married Burmese singer Lynn Lynn, on 30 January 2014.They have twin daughters May Myanmar Thit and May Myanmar Khit, born in 2017.

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